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It's A Great Day!

“Would one of you fellas hand me a napkin?”

Ralph and I were at the veteran’s home checking out the arrangements for a presentation that evening. Our VFW post was to host our first Veterans Suicide Intervention Training there in hopes that the community would come inside the facility and see the quality care provided for our heroes.

Having discussed arrangements and helped ourselves to a cup of coffee, we were headed toward the door when we saw one gentleman alone at a table. He was in a wheelchair positioned in recliner-mode and secured with safety restraints. In fact, he was leaning sideways like one side of his body worked better than the other. He had a bowl of oatmeal or cereal well-underway, but the milk had gotten out of control… thus the request for a napkin after we asked, “And how are YOU doing today?”

With napkin in hand, he looked up at us and said, “I’m a United States Marine, and I’m an American citizen! It’s a great day!”

It struck us both, and we commented on that attitude as we left the building. Living in a care-facility and unable to reach a napkin, yet proud to be an American and cognizant of life’s blessings and the freedoms we cherish.

Not everybody is like that, but we want to be.

And so, we serve.

Chaplain Gary

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