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The Clutter Battle

Two ways to fight the stuff that has accumulated or managed to transport itself to undesired places all across the house/garage.

  • Geography. I choose this space (tabletop, room, section of the couch) and will gather, group, and grab-n-go until it is clear. 100%. No exception. (Except I find that I have put clutter in another geographical location!)

  • At hand. Find something out of place right where you are this moment... and put that one thing back where it belongs. And at THAT location, find something THERE that is out of place, and put THAT ONE THING where it belongs... usually not far from where you originally started! There is the satisfaction that SOMETHING has truly been finished! Small victories add up... and you get your steps in for the day!

Bottom line: There is no perfect method, but an imperfect method practiced semi-regularly is still progress! Start. Don't Quit. Enjoy the process!

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