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Living with FTD

FTD stands for "Frontal Temporal Dementia" which is a brain-change that impacts the entire person.  Different from Alzheimer's Disease that impacts the back portion of our brain, FTD impacts the Frontal Lobes (that deal with reasoning and judgment) and the Temporal lobes above our ears on the side of the brain (that deal with language and speech).

Susan was diagnosed with FTD after an MRI in November of 2021, with the subvariant type of Semantic-FTD and Primary Progressive Aphasia.  In short, atrophy of brain cells that deal with memory, speech, and language is an ongoing part of our life now.  This is a progressive process over time that is different with each person.

While we see changes over time, Susan is still a vibrant personality, a proud "Gigi" to four grandchildren (one on the way!), and a teacher at heart!  

Latest Weekly Update
Gary and Susan
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