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She Couldn't See It

I thought it was an eyesight problem, so we bought new glasses.

But we see with our brains... literally AND figuratively.

Some eye diseases are hidden because our brains supply the data that "should be" there, even when the eye does not properly send the signals. I bet THAT is tricky to diagnose!

But our problem became an inability to figure out "what comes next," or "what ought to be done now to obtain a result later," or "how do I work backwards from this 'effect' to the 'cause?'" The perception of the situation (and what to do about it) just wasn't there anymore. And what was an obvious "follow-on action" to me, became a total mystery to her.

This consistent pattern was an early clue that something was wrong. My confusion and frustration subsided when I realized that there was no ulterior motive or clever insincerity behind it. Her eyes work fine with new glasses, but the perceptive power of the brain has changed. She doesn't try to fix what she doesn't see. But she does her best with what she DOES understand. I am thankful for that.

Susan and I are moving from sight, to insight, to a new vision for our lives. I pray for grace to "see" clearly-- for both of us. And to act on the basis of our new reality. Every day.

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