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In the Footnotes

A recent author writing about religion and politics (volatile topics!) encouraged the reader to take the time to check out the footnotes. There he would explain his "assertions and assumptions"-- kind of a conversation about the conversation-- and would cite his source that supported that particular comment.

Not earthshaking, since that is what you are supposed to do in the footnotes! But it struck me as an act of integrity that said, "I know you probably wont agree with me on everything and I will likely push your buttons and prompt an emotional reaction. But slow down a minute and dialogue with me. I want you to hear the message behind the message and at least accurately understand where I'm coming from. I'm being as honest as I know how and doing what I can to bare my assumptions and emotions... disagree if you choose, but make a second-mile effort to clearly hear the message!"

Integrity. To put your entire and true self out there for examination. And courage. Together, they are the basis of a relationship.

Yes, its taking me longer to read the book. But I am getting so much more out of it!

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