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Computer programs are challenging!

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

I sometimes tell myself that I am the "Last of the Dinosaurs" when it comes to computers. The year AFTER I graduated college, my school went from one computer class to a full-blown major in computer science! Talk about missing the train! But it's really about "training" and not catching the "train!" As with all types of education, you cannot think that your degree is the end of your learning. It's up to me to train myself to function in this ever-increasing culture of technology. I'm reminded of the fellow who boasted, "I'm a self-made man!" To which his friend replied, "And this shows the danger of unskilled labor!" So yes, there has been a lot of trial and error by this unskilled laborer to learn these new-fangled ways of computers, websites, social media, cell phones, and digital cameras! Mostly error! And yet... ...I HAVE learned that some patience (with myself) and some perseverance (with the instruction book) and some practice (by finding something new... and then trying to find it AGAIN!) can teach the old dinosaur some new tricks! It's true that about the time I get something figured out there's a NEW something to figure out! But that means the learning continues. And really, I want to keep learning and growing all my days! And you know that this process is just like the Christian life, right? The Bible is our instruction-book for all of life. And with a little patience, perseverance, and practice we can learn a bit more about Jesus every day! What a great comfort to know that this life-learning will last forever... and not just until the next version comes out!! Keep growing! Chaplain Gary

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