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The "Its" of 2020

Guest Article from Randy Smart taken from the Smart Insurance Agency Newsletter of January 2020. Used by Permission

Get over it. Move on from it. Don't look back at it. Make the most of it. See the good in it. Don't sweat it. Are you tired of IT yet? 2020 was a year full of surprises... most of them no so great. We endured some pretty crazy stuff last year, and let's be honest, 2021 hasn't started off much better. We saw COVID-19 establish itself as a tremendously bad IT. We watched political divisions escalate toward unprecedented attacks, counterattacks, and ultimately violence... more bad IT.

However, IT wasn't all bad. We saw amazing collaborations of science and technology as they produced a vaccine to treat IT. We experienced the resilience of our schools as they navigated a completely different way of learning... great IT. And maybe one of my personal favorites? Our families had extra time to learn IT, and draw IT, and build IT.

We're fighting right now to maintain maybe one of the most important ITs... the American spirIT. Our cooperation and hard work helped us through COVID-19 and will bring us through the current IT... but only if we support it, defend it, love it, and preserve it.


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