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Me, too!

It took a while to realize, and longer to accept. But I've got dementia, too!

No doubt, Susan is the one with the diagnosis and the symptoms. And she is certainly the focus of attention and care. Full stop.

But, as with all our life, what impacts her impacts me. It's what we wanted and why we committed to a shared journey many years ago. No regrets.

We believed then, and now, that the Lord would guide our steps. We've seen it so in every other phase of life, and are confident of His guidance in this phase. No doubts.

The adjustments now involve creating new plans in retirement. New joys in daily life. New limitations to turn into opportunities. Susan seems to be negotiating these things to full capacity and enjoying key moments. I have realized that I need to let some things go... to adjust my pace to hers, even if there is some capacity "left over" in me.

I am learning that this is my story, too... because its OUR story. Steady On.

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