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Nothing Happens Quickly

With FTD, I've been told that any sudden symptoms or drastic changes is probably NOT the dementia. It's more likely an infection or virus or some other source. Dementia is the slow, steady progression of a part of our body that impacts everything else... and is influenced by everything else! So sudden changes are often a reaction to something, and not the progressive atrophy itself. It's a question I'll ask the doctor next time.

But this idea is often true in the rest of life, don't you think? Many decisions are not "snap judgments," but more likely the final stage of a decision that has been coming for a long time. I think of a wedding... there's been a growing love over time that culminates in the special ceremony. I think of people who drift away from the church... they have been drifting a long time before they realize that they are far from practicing their faith. I think of building wealth... steady actions over time!

Make sure today is a step in the chosen direction of life... and be a bit suspect about "new," "quick," "sudden," and "novel." There might be something else going on!


Note: Susan is dealing with PPA... I think it possible that other types of FTD (like the behavioral variant) may be more prone to sudden changes. But you get the point! Thanks!

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