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Disruption- the New Word for Change

Perhaps you've seen this word bandied about lately. Disruption. In the business community it refers to a product or service so new and popular that it "disrupts" the status quo.

An example is the smartphone... that combined your telephone, your email, your camera, your television, your internet and your GPS all into one portable device! A few years ago these were a bunch of independent services.

But the smartphone totally "disrupted" all of those business models and produced lasting change. In fact, we can hardly remember the time these things were NOT a part of our daily lives... let alone THINK of doing without them now!

The main point here is that while change certainly "disrupts" our comfortable routines, it also creates new opportunities for positive responses to emerge!

COVID has been "disruptive!" And yet we have learned new ways of worship and fellowship, and a few new phone and computer skills as well! And it's not all bad to have online worship opportunities when we cannot meet in person! (For me, in person is the best! But online is a great backup plan! Others make the online options their first choice!)

Winter weather is disruptive, but it brings out the hot cocoa! Just like summer weather brings out the ice cream!

Jesus was disruptive. He turned over the moneychangers' tables and told people to follow Him in discipleship. He said new wine just wouldn't work in old wineskins, and His sacrifice did away with all others.

And changes at church can be disruptive, too. Social distancing, wearing a mask, sitting in a different pew, and making space for other people... it can mess with us!

But remember that these are the very spaces the Holy Spirit moves into to create the opportunity for positive change! Let's make change our friend and "join God" in making new opportunities a reality in our lives today!

Chaplain Gary

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